• You can buy travel tickets in any Métro or/and RER station in an automated terminal (cash/credit card).
  • A ticket is valid for one ride only till you get out of the Métro/RER station and can’t be combined with Trams/Buses.
  • To prepare for your rides, refer to SNCF Transilien Route planner and / or download the Mobile application “RATP” and search for “fastest” connection from “my location” even to “destination address”.

 Price list :

  • A one way ticket costs 1,90 €. Same tickets can be used for buses/trams (same price ticket, one ride only)
  • A weekly travel pass called “Navigo Découverte” can also be bought in certain Métro and/or RER stations (see information here). The price of the pass itself is 5 €. You can then pay a flat rate of 22,80 € for an unlimited number of rides. We suggest you to buy this ticket, as it is valid as well to go to ENPC for the welcome session on Saturday.
  • For sports people! Bike-sharing system (VELIB’) : Tickets can be bought at any of 1800 stations in the city. 5€ for 24-hours ticket or 15€ for 7-days ticket. First 30 min of each rent is free. Mobile application “Vélib” helps you locate bike stations and available number of bikes. For each ticket your credit card is charged €150, which is returned a few days after ticket expiration. Follow the instructions at the station carefully.

For more info, please refer to